The State of Arizona currently has some strict laws regarding the use and sale of marijuana. There have been talks recently about the idea of legalization in the State, an initiative that is expected to be seen on the ballot come November of 2016. It seems like this might be stemming from other surrounding states who have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. However, when marijuana is concerned, you can bet there are individuals who are going to fight against legalizing the drug. Anti-marijuana crusader, Sheila Polk doesn’t believe in cannabis being legalized, but she will not admit if she has ever used the drug herself.

Breakfast With a Side of…Marijuana

Sheila Polk serves as the Yavapai County Attorney and for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. At a recent morning panel discussion which was hosted by the commerce, which was cleverly titled, Breakfast With a Side of…Marijuana, Polk would not say whether she has ever personally used marijuana at any point in her life. There were three other panelists at the event, all who gave their answer to the question. The event took place at the Doubletree Resort In Scottsdale and played host for about 75 guests. These guests were expected to learn more about the proposed legalization bill, while hearing from those for the legalization and against the legalization.

Polk refuses to answer, while her colleagues have no shame

J.P Holyoak and Ryan Hurley were the two panelists on the legalization side. Holyoak is the chair of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona, while Hurley is a lawyer in Scottsdale dealing with cannabis. When asked if they ever used marijuana they both answered yes. Holyoak said the first time he tried cannabis was when he was 37 years old, and is now 39. Both he and Hurley admitted to being medicinal-marijuana users. Sheila Polk and Seth Leibsohn were on the opposite side working for the anti-legalization group Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. Polk was questioned first from the audience as to whether she had ever used marijuana. Her quick response was that the question was inappropriate, and she refused to answer. Leibsohn had no problem coming clean, stating that there was a time when he tried it in college.

What does she have to hide?

Leibsohn went on to defend Polk stating that he understands why a panelist might not want to answer such an intrusive question. Polk has been leading the anti-marijuana crusade in Arizona for a long time now and her refusal to answer the question in front of 75 people is highly suspicious. Especially when she will be running for a fifth time to another four-year term, come November. Even though there was not a huge group of people to see how she reacted to the question about marijuana use, the information will get around to voters. It might have been more beneficial for her to just state a simple yes or no. At least then she might have received more respect. Now her response might be used when it comes time to debate legalization in the state of Arizona.

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