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In case you're only looking for the population of Scottsdale. Here it is: 2010 Population: 217,385 and growing.

On the surface, it doesn't raise any eyebrows until the population growth is put in perspective. This will give you an idea how briskly Scottsdale, Arizona has grown with new residents.

  • 1950: 2,032
  • 1960: 10,026
  • 1970: 67,823
  • 1980: 88,622
  • 1990: 130,075
  • 2000: 202,705
  • 2010: 217,385

Scottsdale was not even incorporated as a city until 1952. It has come a long way since then. The number of residents has exploded since it was discovered as a premier place to live. The US Conference of Mayors named Scottsdale AZ as one of the country's "Most Livable Cities" in 1993 and the accolades have been flowing since. Scottsdale has been named as the "Number One Resort Community in America" and "America's Best Place For Golf".

These type of recognitions and distinctions have let the secret out. People not only have migrated to Scottsdale in droves but has led to an explosion in tourism. It has also led to Scottsdale becoming a prime choice for business events and conventions. Vacation and business travel has spawned more than 70 full-service hotels and luxurious resorts and destination spas. There are almost 14,000 hotel rooms in Scottsdale proper not to mention those in the adjacent area.

Scottsdale is now deemed as the "Resort Capital of America". It's also hard to believe that Scottsdale is home to 51 golf courses with over 150 more in the Greater Phoenix area. Throw-in a few Native America casinos, great weather with 330 days of sunshine and blue skies, the serenity of the desert beauty, world-class dining, some of the best shopping in the country and the most gorgeous sunsets anywhere....and you have found not only a great place to live but one of the most treasured vacation spots in the world.

It's very easy to see why the population of Scottsdale AZ has exploded to over 217,000 in 2010. The 2012 population is estimated to be 231,000.

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