A few days ago, a minor, netted setup that was dangling from a tree in a Scottsdale church parking lot was surveyed by a county vector-control professional named Richard Acuna. He gave a quick wisp of air to that trap to check the mosquitoes. He found nothing. He said that there were times like in summer storm when he finds more than 50 insects in the trap.


Inspectors checking mosquito trap:

More than 24 investigators like Acuna goes out to check the traps of mosquitoes at different places like near churches, homes and places where people meet.

A team of experts that came from Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Department has played a very crucial part of monitoring mosquito endured diseases risk. They are trying to prevent the spread of Zika virus using reduction tools.

Zika is a virus that is slightly more than an irritant to the most people but to the newborns, it can be life-altering.


Zika virus summit in Arizona:

A summit on Zika virus was hosted by the Arizona Department of Health Services with medical, environmental and health officials. The assignment of the summit was to innovate the ideas that can help in stopping the virus from spreading.


  •        Zika Virus and Mosquitoes:

544 Zika infections across 50 states have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A total of three Zika infections have been confirmed among the residents of Maricopa County, who went to Latin America. Far more cases are expected in summer when the travelers return with the infection Zika virus. The important issue will be to find the infected people and provide them proper treatment. The will make sure that the infected people of Zika don’t have an interaction with the mosquitoes like Aedes aegypti that transmits the Zika virus. These types of mosquitoes increase in the summer season and circulate in Arizona.


  •        Women Suspects of Zika Virus:

157 women in 50 states are suspected and confirmed with the virus, and they are being monitored by the CDC. U.S territories are monitoring 122 expectant mothers that are suspected with Zika.

CDC said that the victims of Zika were unknown of the fact that they are infected with the virus.  While the others may grow rash, conjunctivitis, joint pain, fever, a headache or a muscle pain.


  •        Diseases Caused by Zika Virus in Newborns:

According to CDC microcephaly is caused by the virus in newborns. Microcephaly is a condition in which there is a lack of brain development, and it leads to abnormally small heads in the newborns. Zika can be passed to a baby at the time of birth from an infected mother, which can cause eye defects, hearing loss, brain abnormalities, and impaired growth.


Mosquitoes Monitoring:

After the local cases of Zika virus are identified, state and county health officials will manage with environmental officials to recognize the mosquito breeding locations near the homes of individuals that are infected with the virus.

According to the vector control supervisor of Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services, inspectors are monitoring the traps across the country for the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito along with Zika can also spread two diseases known as Chikungunya and dengue.

Zika virus is very dangerous and can also cause deaths. The Arizona Department of Health Services is keen to search the victims of the virus and to control the Zika virus they have put their focus on mosquitoes control.

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